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McWilliams Solar

LED Solar Keychain

LED Solar Keychain

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Product Description:

Description: Embrace rebellion and reconnect with nature with our Solar Keychain. This compact accessory harnesses the sun's energy, reducing your reliance on conventional power sources. By choosing this keychain, you symbolize a rebellion against societal norms, opting for sustainability and harmony with nature. Stand out and make a internal statement with every charge.


Accessory Type: Charger Accessories

Model Number: Keychain Solar Charger

Especially suitable for emergency occasions. High efficiency of lithium battery, High-efficiency recharge. Use high conversion efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar battery, solar energy conversion rate above 17%. Standard USB output. Three LED lights can be used as a torch in the darkness. Environmental protection and energy saving. Portable and easy to use

Color: Black,white

Input and Output: 5.0V-/+0.2

Output current: DC 300-800mAH

Solar panel: 5V 40MA

Battery: 1200mAH

Size: 2.73inch x 1.638inch x 0.623inch

Package includes:
1- 1200mAh Solar USB Charger Power Bank (with Key Rings)

1- USB Cable

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