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100W Portable Power Station 110V-220V Solar Power Bank

100W Portable Power Station 110V-220V Solar Power Bank

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Product Description: 


Portable Solar Power Station, a versatile solution for all your power needs. With an impressive 24000mAh capacity, this power station is perfect for outdoor camping, self-driving tours, and household emergencies during power outages. Stay powered up wherever you go, whenever you need it.

Equipped with a high-quality Lithium Iron Phosphate battery, this power generator guarantees over 2000+ charge cycles, ensuring a longer lifespan and safer use. Despite its compact size and lightweight design, it packs a powerful punch, capable of powering a variety of electronic devices with ease.

Featuring LED lighting with four modes and diverse output options—including a DC5V 2.4A dual USB output and a DC12V3A dual DC5521 output—this outdoor power supply offers versatility and convenience. Plus, with fast charging and multiple safety protections, you can rely on this portable generator for safe and efficient power whenever you need it, making it the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures


Introducing our 100W Power Inverter with LiFePO4 Battery, a reliable and versatile power solution for various applications. With stable correction wave output waveform and 220V ±15% AC output voltage, this inverter ensures consistent power delivery. Its high conversion efficiency of over 90% guarantees optimal performance.

Equiped with multiple charging interfaces, including external and solar panel charging with a built-in controller, this inverter offers flexible energy replenishment. The LiFePO4 battery boasts over 3000 cycles, equivalent to 10 years of full capacity use, ensuring durability and longevity. Its safety features, such as resistance to short circuits and high temperatures, make it a reliable choice for any environment.

With three charging methods—indoor and outdoor flexible energy replenishment, MAINS charging, car charging, and solar charging—this power inverter provides convenience and adaptability for various scenarios. Whether at home, on the road, or in remote locations, our 100W Power Inverter with LiFePO4 Battery delivers efficient and dependable power.

Product Features:

1. Large Capacity & Versatile Use: With a substantial 24000mAh capacity, the portable solar power station caters to a wide array of situations, from outdoor camping and self-driving tours to fulfilling household emergency needs during power outages. Stay powered up anywhere, anytime.
2. High Quality Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery: The power generator is equipped with a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that guarantees over 2000+ charge cycles. This high-quality power battery pack ensures a longer lifespan and safer use.
3. Compact and Powerful: Improved over other products on the market, the outdoor camping power bank boasts a smaller volume and lighter weight while maintaining powerful functionality. It can power a variety of electronic devices, making it a convenient and reliable choice for outdoor use.
4. LED Lighting & Diverse Output: The outdoor power supply features LED lighting with four modes: high brightness, half brightness, flashing, and off. It provides a DC5V 2.4A dual USB output and a DC12V3A dual DC5521 output, catering to electronic and outdoor equipment, offering significant convenience.

  • Safe and Efficient: The portable outdoor generator prides itself on safety and efficiency. It provides fast charging and includes multiple safety protections, ensuring reliability and durability for outdoor use.


Package List:

1- 100W Power Station
1- Charger (EU/US/UK plug optional)
1- Product Manual


Rated Power


Output Waveform

Modified Sine Wave

AC Output Voltage


AC Output Frequency

50Hz/60Hz ±2Hz

Conversion Efficiency

Maximum Value>90%

Charging Interface

External Charger Port and Solar Panel Charging Port DC5521*1

(Built in solar intelligent controller)

AC Output Socket

Universal Socket

DC Output Voltage

DC5V 2.4A, 2*USB; DC12V3A, 2*DC5521

LED Light States

LED bright, half-bright, flashing, LED off 4 states

Battery Type


Battery Capacity

12.8V 76.8wH

Charging Current

Maximum Value 2A

AC Charger Specifications

5V 2A universal mobile phone charger (prepared by user)

Charging Time

After full discharge, the battery capacity reaches 80% after 10 hours of charging


Battery Capacity, Battery Voltage, State of Charge, State of Discharge

Heat Dissipation

Automatic cooling

Protection Functions

Low Voltage, Over Voltage, Over Load, Over Temperature, Short Circuit

Operating Ambient Temperature


Operating Environment Humidity


Storage Ambient Temperature

—20~70℃ Without Condensation

Storage Environment Humidity


Structural Characteristics

ABS Fireproof Enclosure

Net Weight(kg)


Product Size W*D*H(mm)


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